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What's In The Bag?

What's In The Bag?
Your labor bag that is. Below is my go to bring alongs. Maybe you'll find something new.

With my first I had a very long, very intense labor. I packed way to much stuff and used maybe half of it, but I was grateful for all of it. With my second, I packed lighter but I wish I'd brought more.

First off- that giant water bottle. Typically the labor and deliver floors will bring you a water bottle. But there is still some that think a laboring mom should not eat or drink during labor. Makes no sense.

Secondly- Snacks. Nice protein filled snacks for right after baby comes. Granola bars, beef jerky, Powerade... So you don't have to wait for meal times to roll around. Chances are you won't deliver your little one even close to meal time. And you will both starving and exhausted. At least I sure was.

Thirdly- comfort items. Your pillow, comfy night gown- whatever makes you feel more calm and at rest. I brought my pillow, several comfy clothing options, …

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