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The "perfect" family photoshoot and children

Ever stress planned a family photoshoot? Set your heart specifically on one magical pose? Have a wild card small kiddo? Or literally any family member who isn't feeling it? If you nodded to any of these then this post is for you because that's not how my photo shoots go. Let me tell you a story... Once upon a time I used to stress when every family session didn't go "my way". When I thought that I didn't get the "perfect shot" every time. I realized my favorite images weren't of everyone stiffly smiling at the camera and looking forward. That's great and all but the interaction ones were everything I wanted and more. So I gave it up. I started asking families to come and play. When I was handed the list of "magical poses" I started saying no. I try for them. Really though which shot will you actually love. The stiff awkward smile everyone all tense or the magic fun smile looking at each other with sparkly happy eyes? I want the sp

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